Mental health assessment modules and reporting

I have no programming ability at all. But we have a google form to google template program for writing up assessment reports and providing good standard documentation. we are almost finished with the fist draft. using forms is super long-winded but as good as i could do. We will convert that into a small useable app at some point. In short, we have the data if it could be of use. I would like to see goog mental health assessments open to everyonbe and there are ways of doing it that do not require using the big companies’ psychometric measures much of the time too.

In just doing the demo of the program, i love it and think i would like to use it rather than Halaxy which is costly.

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Hi Ben,
could you make it clear what you are requesting in this post.
It seems like you have tested OpenEMR and like it. You seem to want to marry OpenEMR to a google form you have created for mental health. You mention app but it is unclear what is going to happen.
Could you write a longer monolog for those of use that can’t read between the lines?

Of course. My team at port psychology and I are finishing off a psychological assessment program that makes documenting assessments and reporting them much quicker and more user-friendly. It is basically a neuropsychological (autism, ADHD, cognition) assessment report writing assistant. it includes a developmental intake and assists in pulling together a pretty impressive report. it is very costly in the open market for such a product. we want it for ourselves but also to offer it to indigenous health centers here in Australia too. We tried to modify Open Emr to make a very basic case management tool for low literacy levels for the same purpose but failed. so rather than try to do something useful with a whole lot of good data and stuff it up. i thought i could offer clinical content if it would be useful.

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What is your goal with this post other than to find out if there is an interest in a reporter that you have built?
Do you want to talk about integrating what you have done into OpenEMR?

Hey Sherwin, i guess we have put together a lot of useful data over the years, and if there was interest, or it could be useful in any way, we would love to share it if it was of use that is, it is really a westernised psych and mental health assessment, treatment protcols and intervention template system.

could you please produce a video demonstrating the data you are referring too? It would really help people decide if they it is something they can use. Then they can contact you directly.

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@Benpsyk does your report builder system handle reporting both single results and longitudinal? Does it allow comparison of cohorts?

Are the reports targeted at clinicians or end-users?

Does your system actually do the administration of the assessments? Or is it merely reporting on the patient results?

What kinds of assessments do you typically handle? Quantiative? Qualitative? Sub-scale scoring? Composite scoring?

I ask because I’ve also built a report and analytics software system that I’ve been looking at integrating into OpenEMR. However, if your system is more comprehensive than what I’m doing, it might make more sense to leverage what y’all are doing.