Medicare billing - Diabetic patients requirements

(Nerik Cavalier) #21

Hi Stephen,
The problem is still not resolved, and we still receiving rejections from medicare, for claims for diabetic patients.
Is there is any sating in Globals to enable doctors selection in box 17.

(Stephen Waite) #22

not that I know of, is there some setting that’s different under Admin->Users compared to the demo’s providers?

(Nerik Cavalier) #23

I checked the difference, all the doctors from your demo is USERS, and also doctors listed in address book. In box 17 in drop-down menu only showing using doctors, not the referring or supervising doctors. If we selecting referring provider, it needs to get referring doctor information, from the patient demographics field, not the current provider info.

(Stephen Waite) #24

hi @ncavalier, all doctors are stored in users, have you added NPIs to their entries in the addr book?

if you can make the changes to these 2 files, fix sql to grab anybody with an npi (#2306) · openemr/openemr@181eea5 · GitHub

it should work :crossed_fingers:

(Nerik Cavalier) #25

I have only one doctor in users, and we have 278 referring doctors in address book. Al 278 referring doctors in address book have all required information, including NPI.

“SELECT id, lname, fname FROM users WHERE npi != ‘’ ORDER BY lname, fname”;

The problem is its taking information from USERS again not from address book.
In patients demographics we entering referring provider information from address book, not from users. Please check it again.
Box 17 needs take information from patient demographic section, referring provider from address book…
Please review it again
Thank you