Medical Problems need add new dropdown list

Medical Problems need add new dropdown list . can you guide me how i can added

Hi @prabhu_k
Yes indeed, just go on the main menu to: Admin/ Forms/ Lists (arrow)
Enter the name of the list (oval), in this case ‘Medical Problem Issue List’
Screenshot at 2023-10-31 13-22-39

When the list opens fill in the desired new items.
Screenshot at 2023-10-31 13-25-53

Ensure that the columns are correct::
ID - has no spaces in the text
Title - free text but keep it brief
Order - where the new item appears in the displayed list
Default - appears as the default value in the list
Active - must be selected to appear on the list (may be un-selected to keep off list without deleting the item)
Notes - optional explanatory free text for the reader of this screen
Code(s) - optional; codes associated with this item
Subtype - optional

Hope that helps!
Best- Harley

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Thanks , i need added new dropdown feild in that screen its possible ?

Yes it is, you’d need your IT pro to custom code it onto that form.
And of course with all custom coding, when you update your system you’d need to make sure all customizations are migrated to the new release.