Mapping SNOMED-CT to ICD-10 codes

I’m wondering if the new OpenEMR6.1 has mapping ability yet for SNOMED-CT to ICD-10? There is the I-Magic tool that is on the NIH website that can be used, but people in other countries might not have access to the tool. I have a branch that checks if a patient has DS and if the patient does, it will print growth charts with the non-DS charts. Is there a way that I can do this checking SNOMED?

Thank you for pointing to NIH I-Magic. Awesome tool. We would look at providing a link in relevant scripts and letting user manually copy+paste the ICDs.

Snomed is a complex product. Most practices will not have skills to install and more importantly keep it current. Hopefully this project makes a switch from the mindset of building these tools themselves.

The problem I am facing is that I would like my growth charts to display for patients affected with DS by practices that only use SNOMED. This would primarily be clinics outside of the US that don’t have access to I-magic.

SMOMED offers a SNOMED to ICD10 mapping that can be imported into a table. You’d then do a lookup from where you need to convert.

I’ve done conversions on back end for CCDA imports using SNOMEDs for issues, problems and so forth.

@growlingflea , Are there country/regions excluded from access to Bigger drawback will be that tool may not support translations. Not familiar with your specific requirements. @sjpadgett’s approach may be good for automated actions/mapping. But for interactive lookups details from I-Magic Implementation Guide are not something we would wish on anyone to code.