Making FHIR API requests on Public/Multipurpose Application client app

OpenEMR Version:
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.0

Google Chrome

Operating System:
Windows 11

I am trying to figure out how to make FHIR API requests on a patient I created in my localhost OpenEMR server. I have already read through openemr/ at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub and openemr/ at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub, but the issue lies in the fact that the documentations rely on using Swagger, which requires on having a client_secret in order to authorize and make FHIR requests - and creating a Public app during the app registration seems to only gives me a Client APP ID and no secret key.

For context, I am also launching SMART on my own SoF application, so clicking “Launch” on a patient doesn’t take me to Swagger anyway.

I am fairly certain that I’m misunderstanding something, but to summarize, I want to register and launch my own Public SoF application, but I also want to make API requests without having to use Swagger and needing a secret key.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you looked at the public app authorization_grant usage documentation?

There’s an example public app POST there for making an authorization request using just a public app. The public app doesn’t require the secret key and Swagger is there purely for demonstration purposes. You aren’t required to use it, nor does swagger require a client secret key. You can leave the field blank and still authenticate with a public app.