Lots of detailed LBF questions

Lots of detailed LBF questions

OpenEMR Version
Demo version on website - latest

I’m using: Chrome - incognito mode

Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu

What does the source dropdown do exactly? There are options of Form, Patient, History, Visit, Visform. Is there a place for this documentation?

In the field options, what does Backup List do?

What does the Codes(s) field do? I have added a CPT code to this and checked the fee sheet for it and it isn’t there.

In the layout properties, what does the “repeats” field do?
What does the issue Type dropdown do?
What does the Show Services Section, Show Products Section, Show Diagnoses Section, Show Referrals Section checkboxes do? I have enabled them but struggle to understand their usefulness.

Thanks to whomever answers these questions. I will happily add them to the LBF wiki…