Lots of detailed LBF questions

Lots of detailed LBF questions

OpenEMR Version
Demo version on website - latest

I’m using: Chrome - incognito mode

Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu

What does the source dropdown do exactly? There are options of Form, Patient, History, Visit, Visform. Is there a place for this documentation?

In the field options, what does Backup List do?

What does the Codes(s) field do? I have added a CPT code to this and checked the fee sheet for it and it isn’t there.

In the layout properties, what does the “repeats” field do?
What does the issue Type dropdown do?
What does the Show Services Section, Show Products Section, Show Diagnoses Section, Show Referrals Section checkboxes do? I have enabled them but struggle to understand their usefulness.

Thanks to whomever answers these questions. I will happily add them to the LBF wiki…

Hi @bboeckin,
I would like to answer a few of your questions,

1.Source Drop down in LBF:
Refers to the source of data that the field is associated with(e.g., Form [Data of Current Form], Patient [Patient related data],etc.,).

2.Backup List in Field Options:
Specifies an alternative list of items if the main list is not applicable.

3.Repeats Field in Layout Properties:
Determines whether a particular field inputs can be repeated on the form. If repeats is set to n ,then it will display the n previous inputs for that field given by the user.

4.Issue Type Dropdown:
Likely used for categorizing or classifying issues in a specific context [ e.g., Allergy,Dental,Medication].

5.Show Sections Check Boxes:
Control visibility of sections (Services, Products, Diagnoses, Referrals) on the form.

If you have further queries, do drop a mail to openemr.support@visolve.com

-ViSolve OpenEMR Team.

Hola gracias a todos por esta poderosa herramienta, tengo una duda sobre el formato de impresión de los LBF formularios cuando le doy a generar informe no me sale en toda la extensión, si no en dos columnas, si me pudieran ayudar, gracias.