Looking to start adjusting our openEMR

(Glenn Reihing) #1


I am a newbie and our company plans on using openEMR as our chart.

I have very limited experience in coding, but would like to get started. I have found in the past that these forums are very helpful and the community very supportive.

We have just downloaded and have put v5.0.1 up on our server. We need to make adjustments to the chart to suit our needs. How do I start?? What are my first steps?


(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #2

Hello @brmhgroup,

Welcome to the community. It sounds like you need some custom forms which is not uncommon. I suggest created a Layout Based Visit form.

  1. Go to Administration --> Layouts
  2. Click New Layout
  3. Ensure the LayoutID is something like “LBFNameOfForm”

After filling out that form you’ll be brought to a screen where you can add sections/groups to encounters and then custom form fields. You can make simple text boxes or complex fields that pull from any list in OpenEMR. (Lists can be found under Administration --> Lists and can be very powerful).

You can preview how your form will look with the “Encounter Preview button.” Once you’re happy with it save it, head over to an encounter and check under your Clinical menu option, your form should be there.

Let me know if that gets you going in the right direction!