Looking for vendor to integrate Office Ally

(Colin MacKenzie) #1

I am looking for a vendor to integrate Office Ally into OPEN EMR. If interested, please feel free to provide your time frame and quote, etc.

Thank you

(Nilesh Hake) #2

Hi @cmack,

We have integrated OpenEMR with office allay one of our client. If you interested @Mandar_Sahasrabuddhe will give you the exact estimate and quote to you.


(Mandar Sahasrabuddhe) #3

Hi Colin,
Kovid BioAnalytics has been providing OpenEMR services for the last 4.5 years to clients in the US, Africa and India. We have implemented OfficeAlly integration with OpenEMR and have automated the X12 and ERA processing.
Please share your email ID or drop me an email at mandar@kovidbioanalytics.com and I will send you a quote along with the details of how and what we have implemented in the OfficeAlly integration.