Looking for Open EMR demo user

Good morning, I have a demonstration of a deployment of OpenEMR. I was looking to hire a EMR user to assist with the Demo. This would be a fully operational version of Open EMR deployed on our hardware, ideally the assistant would be able to walk through a client from ingesting a patient, to scheduling, and answering basic questions about the EMR functionality.

The Dates for the convention are 25-26 March 2024, and obviously travel, per diem and compensation are expected commensurate with your level of expertise.

  • This might be an odd request so if anyone has an idea for a resource that may help here that would be really appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your time.

Hello @JBrexMedweb
Yes, it is a rather odd request, in that your proposal seems to neglect using the current state of the art in remote demo methods.

You’re asking for a Customer Support professional to be present in person to give a demo on your OpenEMR system? I commonly give demos such as you describe via various remote desktop sharing platforms which is a far more efficient way to do it. For one thing your savings on travel and per diem are significant, to say nothing of the logistics of putting on the demo. If your OpenEMR demo has a public URL, the CS tech can open a desktop sharing session with your demo computer and conduct the show from their physical location, which you would watch and display to your audience from yours. Logistics such as managing the Q+A exchanges would need to be settled but are quite feasible.

It’s bad form to actively advertize and solicit business on the forum but if you’re interested in exploring my company’s professional customer support feel free to email me at my mi-squared address or DM me here. But you’re cutting things pretty close, if your show is to be on 25 Mar; you have some arrangements to make no matter how you decide to approach this project!
Best regards- Harley