Looking for a Collaborator

My apology for a cross-post.
We are looking for a collaborator for a funding opportunity in Gate foundation at Strengthening Data Science Capacity and the Ecosystem.. The Core idea of this project matches pretty much what we have been working on in Nepal. The application requires at least two investigators at institutions in different countries; Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Brazil. If you are interested, and already have good experience working in data management and application developments, we are eager to collaborate with you. We have a team with strong research experience in data science and the medical field. We involve in one start-up in Nepal, which focuses on digital transformation in healthcare. We have been developing mobile-friendly applications and data management and analytics tools on top of the Cloud-based OpenEMR. In addition, we are also working on designing clinical workflow, and making a training curriculum. Our long-term goal is to develop intelligence applications for clinical support using machine learning and AI and do research on data science.

My contact is hkhanal@dpanalytics.com, cell: 17862103227 (US EST)

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