LOINC based observations

Does anyone have or know of LOINC data related code / library to share with the project?

Standard data includes rich set of panels thus eliminating need for the creating and maintaining observations part from various encounter forms. We plan to capture all observations in obx and obx_values tables supported by obx_rr to store ranges.

Long term plan will tie issues to observations. As long as standards are followed, this should make FHIR import/export simpler and more meaningful.

Planned table layouts replicate columns as defined by LOINC.

id, identifier, based_on, part_of, status, category, subject, focus, encounter, effective, issued, performer, note, body_site, method, specimen, device, has_member, derived_from
id, obx_id, code, value, data_absent_reason, interpretation, reference_range_id
id, low, high, type, applies_to, age, text