Logon for portal

I still do not understand how to establish the patient portal. Under Patient Portal Site Address, do I put “https://mystaticIPaddress” or just “mystaticIPaddress” or something entirely different?

http://mystaticIPaddress/openemr/portal or whatever you want.

Hi @docrovner
Right, per the wiki,

what @Mort said: when you install your OpenEMR it automatically creates a sub-url for the portal at the base domain url where your OpenEMR is installed by default.

If you’re good at such things you can reconfig your OpenEMR server to give the portal a different URL, but I don’t know of any normal reason why one would do that.
Best- Harley

Same url you use to access your openemr with added uri /portal/index.php?site=default

  • https/{domain}/openemr/portal/index.php?site=default or if you alias into document root(normally openemr) then
  • https/{domain}/portal/index.php?site=default

You’d know from the url you use for openemr access.

I hope this clears this up.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Should my domain be my external IP address (##.##.###.##) and if so, how does an outside computer know to tunnel to my server, rather than another computer on my intranet? If not, what should my domain be, as I do not have a website.

Mr. Tuck,
If I activate the patient portal for a dummy patient, the program should send an email to the patient’s email address, correct? This is not happening. Any suggestions?

Yes you can. Just set both as I can never remember which I use, trusted email I think.
If you’re just testing your SMTP then it’s much easier using Documents email