Login SVG file creation

I keep running into this over and over so I thought I would ask the question. I did some reading on SVG at SVG as an Image - SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics | MDN.

It is not a big help in answering my question what program was used to create the logo for the login page?
I have used many different SVG converters to convert the PNG or JPG to SVG format. After taking the time to look at the logo file that comes into the system. I can see where my SVG files are not matching the same format as the default logo so the file looks off.
My thinking is if I want the same results as the default logo. I need to know the program that was used to create it. That would save me a lot of headaches with stuff like this.

This is an SVG file converted using Convert Images, Photos, Pictures Online.
However, the structure of the file that is given is vastly different than the default logo. I have used more sites than this one and none of them produce the same type of file as the default logo.


I recommend Inkscape for SVG work.

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I use Inkscape for my SVG creation. I would guess @robert.down is the one who knows the most about our logos, but digging into the github history will tell you who originally created the file.

The original logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. However, it should just be a standard SVG, Inkscape should produce the same file. However, how you structure the components of the image will change how the SVG data looks. For example, if you group objects together, the SVG file will have extra tags. SVG files can also be manipulated by hand as they are just XNL docs.

Thank all of you for jumping into this conversation. I thought it would be a good conversation for the community at large.
SVG files are XML-type files and I was able to manipulate the file for a better rendering. I had to remove some extra stuff the site that was used to convert the png was adding that added extra padding to the rendering on the login page.
However, when I took the time to look at how the XML on the original file was structured and how the XML was structured in the file I was using. They are vastly different. They are not even close to the same structure. That is what prompted me to ask. What program was used to create the current logo? So, that I may use the same program to get the same type of file output.

Using online converts will probably always result in some unexpected side effects. I used Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard, proprietary program for vector creation.

Inkscape should get you a clean version though, that’s your FOSS version

On this thread, I see that the login logo has been changed back to png in v7.0.1.
So, that makes this thread of no effect.

I would one day like to move back to SVGs, they are better for logos. But I was changing a lot in that PR and PNG was a safe solution. Otherwise I was going to have to deal with more complex sizing concerns.

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