Linksys Does anyone work this?

I am new to Open EMR
i havent had the chance to open the program. Its there on the PC but the linksys doesnt acknowledge the program. It happened after we had a light shortage for a while. My boss tries entering his password with a wireless keyboard that came with the tools but nothing happens. We are in a rut because there is only one technician in PR who works EMR. He sold the program to my boss, (dr Menendez) but we’ve tried scheduling appointments and he has missed now 7 of them. Is there any other way we can do something?

Hi @Denise,

If OpenEMR installed on the same machine (window machine) then you need to start xampp apache server and mysql to work OpenEMR.

For window to start OpenEMR flow below steps:

  1. Go to the C:\xampp (if xampp in your C directory).
  2. Right click and open xampp-control.
  3. Click on the apache start and mysql start button .

Then you will be able to see the OpenEMR on your localhost.

Will do this. Thank you so much for sharing. Will let you know

thank you,technician arrived! finally!! hahah thanks!!