LHC Form Edit after being imported into repository

I would like to start by saying I’m beyond excited with the new possibilities that come with LHC form and the new patch. I have been playing around with making a new Questionnaire from scratch and it is looking great.
I tried importing the PHQ-9 form from LOIN but then the form doesn’t calculate the score. I figured out that the last question doesn’t have a score assigned to it so I would like to edit the form in this regard. I just can’t seem to find an edit or delete option. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

The PHQ-9 LOINC panel import scoring works so unsure where you got the form.
I don’t allow form edits/deletes or even have the form builder implemented in openemr.
This is why I render the form during import so one may test and ensure the form is working as expected before committing to the repository.

In the future I may allow some type of form retirement or soft delete.

If importing from the portal dashboard an existing form that matches resource title and file name then import will update the existing form rather than import as new.

You may, if you have access, remove items from the database with the key tables being

Glad you’re excited but realize this is a new feature that is still in development for bells and whistles with my next phase being analytics and CDR integration. Of course, feedback is welcomed.

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Thank you! I imported the form again with same title and file name and it was updated. I’m not sure what I did, but I think I imported the R4 form and the scores didn’t get added up. It is working great now after I made some edits to the last question.