LGF Groups with child group/s

I am new to OpenEmr, just using it for 2 months. I have made a lot of progress with a layer based Pr-Op form.

Using groups to logically organise is great. However, today I used a child group to a parent, all went well. I added another group to the same parent and new fields started to be save as 'not Used in the database. After some head scratching I deleted the fields and second child and it all started working again. (Ver 7 with latest patch)

Even in the first child group this disabled, empty recoird that does not show in the interface, but is in the database occurred. The problem manifested itself in the second child group after adding 4 fields, it fails on the fifth.

Has anyone seen this behaviour?

This behaviour is also happening with groups that don’t have child groups. What happens is that when the record is saved, just layout_options.form_id is saved with a null group_id & field_id and all other values are null. More importantly, if you try to save another field you get a primary key duplicate error. The only way around this is to go in to the table after creating a record and manually change the values to what they should be.

If you go to the first group and add a new record, it go in fine and then you have to go the table and change the group_id