LBV form with history field not saving/updating

(Mark) #1

Using an LBV form and I have a source set to history with a “text list”, this all being automatically set when i set the history ID.

My issue is when updating an entry in the LBV form it does not save/update the history for the patient.

What I have done exactly:
Edited the layout for “History” and created a new group with field, using a custom list.

I have then made a second LBV form that includes this history field / list in a group and attempting to update it, nothing is saved.

What is interesting is that using a “list box” and switching that seems to update fine, so i am thinking there is a bug somewhere preventing a history item being updated on a LBV form ?

List box items not displaying
(Mark) #2

@sjpadgett would you be able to take a look at this and see if there is an issue with history fields in LBV forms?

(Jerry P) #3

Sorry, I don’t understand what your goal is here. Show me with some screen shots of your layouts.

(Mark) #4

Hi Jerry,

I was looking at simple ways of capturing some data in one LBV form that could be shared and populated into a different LBV form. So it would show on the history and also the LBV forms.

As you can see the data entered in screenshot 5 is not saved, no error is given, it appears to save but is not.

Note in the table that this data is saved under history_data, not sure if that makes a difference here or if that is being missed second time around.

  1. Shows patient history with a “Statuses” tab that I was using for testing

  2. Shows the history layout

  3. Shows the Test layout

  4. Shows the LBV in the encounter. Note data in “test status, test 1 and test 2” has been entered and saved.

  5. Shows the LBV encounter after I have gone back to edit and add data to “Test status two, test option 1 and test option 2”

Save button pressed at this point

  1. Shows the data entered into the other two fields has not been captured / recorded and appears to be lost.

Hopefully the screenshots help you identify the issue :slight_smile:

(ViSolve) #5

A similar issue has been addressed in the below link.
Have a look, sure it provides some idea to proceed.

Hope it helps!!!

ViSolve - 120