LBF length of list options

(Brian Elcock) #1


Is there any way to allow more text in the options for the various list types? We use checkboxes a lot and we’ve got some providers who would like to enter lots of text for some of the options. This is for a behavioral health clinic, so we are wanting to make sure that we are clear with symptoms, etc., in the various options.

Also – what is the current length?

I am using the latest version and patch v5.0.2 (1).


(Brian Elcock) #2

I also have the same question about the label part of the LBF config. What is the limit there and can it be increased?

(Sherwin Gaddis) #3

Can you post a screenshot of what you are referring to?
It would be easier to answer your question specifically.
In general are limits to some of the text fields. The labels are limited but I don’t the exact number of characters. You will know the limit when you reach it. One way around it is to create a blank entry with just the label and continue your label in the next entry.
If you are referring to the checkbox with text add you can try placing 0 in the value for max length. That may trigger the system to allow up to 3000 characters. I have not worked in that section in a long time so I am not 100% sure but these are some things you can try.

(Brian Elcock) #4

I’m talking about the Label field above. This is the layout editor. There’s a maxlength of the input textbox. I’m guessing I can change that somewhere in the code but would prefer not to. So we have whatever the maxlength of the input is and then we have the database field. Do we have an official value for both? Putting 0 in max size didn’t change anything.

The second one is in the list editor. Same question about the Title. This is the text that shows up next to the checkbox when adding it as a source.

(ViSolve) #5

Hello Brian
In Layouts the “Label” field’s maximum length it could store is 63. This is the size mentioned in the database and also restricted in user interface. To increase this size both database and UI change is required.
The ‘Max Size’ value you have mentioned will be applied only to the input field you will be adding in the ‘Data Type’, it will not control the Label. Making it to ‘0’ allow any number of values to be inputted in the input field you have configured.

Regarding the Lists section- the ‘Title’ field UI has been restricted to length 63 but in database its been configured to hold upto 255 characters.
So you can just remove the UI restriction of lists section - which allows you to enter 255 characters in the ‘Title’ field.
The UI restriction can be removed by removing ‘maxlength=“63”’ from this line pointed in github

Thank You

(Brian Elcock) #6

OK thank you. That will have to do for now. I’ll try the blank label approach and then change the maxlength of that title field.