LBF Image and Image Canvas Resizing

(Erik Pampalone) #1

I have created a Layout Based Form that includes an Image Canvas as the Data Type. @brady.miller pointed me to some code in the file that allowed me to add an image I could draw on.

Now I would now like to resize the image and image canvas in the LBF to make the image much larger, so it is easier to pinpoint my injection points.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to do this?


(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @naya ,
I think that the size entries can be used to set the actual pixel size of the entry. I am not sure if the picture will resize with it. If it doesn’t then you can modify the picture pixel size in software like gimp.

(Erik Pampalone) #3

Thanks @brady.miller.

To make it work for my purposes, I changed the width and height of the Image Canvas in the that you pointed me to previously.

Also, I moved the Image Canvas to its own Group in the Layout so the format looks nicer to me.

Like you suggested, I increased the image pixel size, and I made it match the Image Canvas size I want.


Thanks for your help!

(Brady Miller) #4

hi @naya ,

Do you have to hard-code the size in script? Hopefully, that is not the case. Aren’t you able to instead set the pixel size in the layout based editor gui. Try the ‘Size’ column (they now both have 0) and put the width in the top one and the height in the bottom one.


(Erik Pampalone) #5


You are right. I changed the code back and used the pixel size in the layout based editor gui. Much better.