LBF Deleting a Service on Save

When saving a LBF, the top-most newly entered service is instead being deleted.

From playing around with it, it seems the following are roughly what is required for this to happen:

  • Both Services and Diagnoses sections are enabled for the LBF.
  • A diagnosis has already been saved to the form. It does not matter if it was carried over from the fee sheet, or if it was manually entered and then the save button was clicked.

To be clear, procedures that have already been added to the services section and successfully saved are unaffected. This only affects trying to go back and add additional procedures. It also doesn’t occur if the diagnosis is being saved for the first time along with the procedures.

The best work-around I’ve found so far is: don’t mess up and remember to add everything the first time. Alternatively, adding additional procedures through the fee sheet didn’t seem to have issues, though we’d rather avoid that.

OpenEMR version: 7.0.2
Browser(s): Firefox and Chrome
OS: The site is hosted on AWS, running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The PC is running Windows 11.
Search: I didn’t see anything, but my search-fu is weak.