LBF data not making it into lbf_data table


I am running into an odd result I don’t understand and was hoping someone could shed light on it.

I was running reports in phpmyadmin off the MySQL tables including off Layout-Based-Forms. I don’t mind the table structure to pull the data from the lbf_data table but when running reports or exporting data I noticed that several of the forms we use frequently just aren’t in the lbf_data table, as in none of their fields are saved there. I can see the fields in layout_options and if I open the forms in the EMRs the data is there, but none is lbf_data table.

There are currently about 8900 lines in the current lbf_data table, so I don’t think that is it “too full”. Is it possible for data to sit in the LBF form saved, but not make it into the lbf_data table?

I need to be able to pull some of these fields for mandatory reports; Any thoughts as to what to look into to correct this would be much appreciated.

After more investigation I see that the issue seems to be the “Source” setting in the LBF editor. When it is set to “Form” it is saved in lbf_data; when it is set to “Visit” it is saved locally? Is I have a few thousand copies of forms saved with fields to “Visit”. Is there any way to convert from “Visit” to “Form” without losing the data? Where does that data get saved/go?

I found the data I was looking for in the shared_attributes table. I can’t find any documentation for the LBF Editor “Source” option and what the settings mean; my data seems to be split across two data tables now. Any suggestions about how to possibly merge or migrate one table to the other would be appreciated.

I don’t know whether my issue is related. I am adding new fields and they are not being saved into the ‘layout_options’ table properly and are either full of nulls or saved as unused and not editable. The only way I can add new fields is to add them to the table directly.

Hi JR,

Can you share which version you are used. because we didn’t see this issue in latest version


I am using [7-0-0-Patch-2.] Thanks for replying on Boxing Day. Merry Christmas!

Hi J R,
you can refer below attached link to know about LBF Forms
whole openemr userguide refer link:

LBF form refer link :