LBF - Checkboxes with text - Not all displayed / missing in patient reports

(Mark) #1

Having an issue with LBF and getting data inputted into them to display on a report. I have tried versions 5.0.1 and the latest GitHub and the issue still remains.

What gets generated on the report is just 2 checkboxes / text at random. It does not matter what I set in the layout for Label Cols or Data Cols, the result is the same each time.

As you can see from the screenshots I have multiple entries for the checkboxes with text but the report is only showing the same two in the patient report.

Has anyone got a fix for this or can point me in the right direction?

Report result:

LBF Data entry in encounter




( #2

I’m curious, if you click that ‘printable version’ link in the Patient Report screen (your 1st image), or actually print out the report, maybe as a PDF, does the whole list show?

(Mark) #3

No exactly the same. Also same on PDF.


(Sherwin Gaddis) #4

My recommendation is to separate the checkbox from the text. It would ease your development of forms. That way your are not limited if you create a textarea with no label for each checkbox is the way we do ours.

(Mark) #5

So with a separate checkbox are you using lists with that?

(Jerry P) #6

First, no two of the reports will look or format exactly the same. However, this looks like a bug. I’d review the printable and report.php in LBF forms directory.

(Mark) #7

Hopefully someone with the know how is able to look at this as I don’t code myself.

(Mark) #8

I have looked over the files you mentioned but cannot see anything, is anyone free to help fix this? @ ViSolve is this something you might be able to help with?

(Jerry P) #9

@madmax Are all your ID’s unique?

(Mark) #10

Yes, All IDs are unique. Checked both list and layout.

(Jerry P) #11

What are your Group Properties

(Mark) #12


(Mark) #13

All the data is shown in the encounter tab, it is just the report / pdf that has the issues.

(Jerry P) #14

Yep, doesn’t surprise me as changes have been made recently to layout but your using basic options that should work with the missing items on report that bother me.
Will create form and take a quick look but, be advised, I have turkey on my mind…

(Jerry P) #15

Yep I can confirm that this data type ie checkbox w/text is broken in patient/custom reports!
Works in encounter print, thank goodness :slight_smile:
I’ll see what I can do!

Go ahead and design your production form and i’ll catch up with you…

(Jerry P) #16

Here is a quick file patch until I can get into v503, 502(2). Install in path: openemr/interface/forms/LBF/report.php

report.php (2.7 KB)

If you’re using 501, let me know and i’ll give you a fix for that version but, won’t bring it back that far for any patches as we stopped patch support for v501.

Good luck.

(Mark) #17

Looks like that is working, this is for v503 and 502(2) yes?

(Jerry P) #18

Great. So i’ll mark my last post as solution and you have a great holiday.