Layout Editor options hide field with list as operator


(Jeremiah Ocasio) #1

I am attempting to use the LBV form build to have a list box at top and hide other checkbox lists below it on the page based on the selection in the top level list. I’ve tried all of the qualifiers for the operator but it does not show or hide any fields. Is this feature not working for list box as content that sets display value?

Would it be possible to use a bit of code like this in the description of the fields I want to hide allowing for conditional hiding without using the more details options.

// This will create an event listener for the change action on the element with ID 'show'
$('#show').change(function() {

     // If checkbox is 'checked'
    if($(this).is(':checked')) {
        // show the element that has the id 'txt_area' 
    } else {
        // hide it when not checked