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Layout Based Forms List for organization and document templates

With 5.0.1 the Layout Based Forms list previously found in Administration:Lists has seemingly been partially relocated to Administration:Layouts:New Layout to create a layout. However, the existing list needs some administration.

  1. I need a way to reorganize the LBFs in a way that follows a work flow rather than the default alphabetical order. With the prior list editor we were able to assign an order that the Forms would be displayed in the encounter. Is there a way to do that in 5.0.2?

  2. Also, where can I find the field name of the LBF that was in the list. It is needed to add fields to a patient document template of the format {LBFxxx:fieldid}. I cant remember what I called them. Perhaps it could show up in the Layout Properties tab in Organization:Layouts?

Thanks for helping us in our eventful transition to 5.0.2!

We feel the type of an encounter form should be immaterial to the clinicians. As such we provide list mechanism for practices to arrange forms in order applicable to their documentation preference.

If you have development resources, you could leverage this change we tried to bring in few years ago.

“As such we provide list mechanism for practices to arrange forms in order applicable to their documentation preference.”

How is this done? I don’t understand the provision for it in administration:layouts:Properties if that is where it is.
And, where do I find the name of the field in the layouts table? Do I have to go to the database to get that to build the LBFxxx:fieldid for a patient template document?


That change does following :

  1. Creates a new list called formACL where you can manually enter all normal forms like vitals, ros etc. and all layouts LBFxxx. The sequence of that list gives you control over order of the form.
  2. Modifies getFormByEncounter routine to alter current logic of displaying forms in the order they were created with special setting for vitals. With the change, seq specified in formACL will be in effect for the entries in that list without any consideration for vitals or time of entry.

To be clear, project did not incorporate that change in 2016. If you need that functionality and make the change to your installation, it will need to be reinserted every time you upgrade … something we do for many such things.