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Latest on eprescribe in OE

Hi everyone,
Brand new user here. Just installed OpenEMR v5.0.0 on a Xenial VPS for testing. Installed the greasemonkey and greasy fork scripts in Firefox. But I can’t seem to find the Allscripts button as shown in the wiki. And the wiki appears to show an older version of OE.
Searching this forum, it seems there hasn’t been any discussion on this script for several years…
What is the latest on ePrescription in OE? What free options are most users using in OE for ePrescribing?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @stuck ,

That greasemonky/allscripts option was always requiring lots of maintenance and since it hasn’t been maintained for several years, guessing some work will need to be done to get that working. Hopefully somebody will pick up that project.

Other option is newcrop, but that costs money.

An exciting option under development is weno, which will be free to use, which is @juggernautsei 's baby.

There’s a wiki page here on erx options(although my post basically gives a quick summary of that page, there’s some hints into how the weno service will work):


Thank you for your reply.
I will look into the Weno option.

Hi Mr. Brady,

Besides that it costs money, their IT support / CMO attentions are not very good.

Kept bouncing from one representative to another, at last I decided against e-prescriptions for the time being.

What kind of development do we need to do, let’s say to update the Allscripts working again?

Where are the source files for that, as I could only see newcrop related stuff.

Hi @crlsgzmn ,

That allscripts greasemonkey script is a black box for me and the script is not in the codebase (see the wiki page for where it’s stored); perhaps another more knowledgeable developer/user can weigh in on this.

There is active development going on in the WENO rx option which I am told will be free to use, so I think that focusing on that would make the most sense:


I have used allscripts interface for years and have to have it. I am working on it now and will post when it is done.

Kim Weesner HIT
Frank Rubino MD Inc

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We’ve also used Allscripts for many years and would love to see it working again.
If you need help with testing on previous versions we’re still on 4.2.0 and willing to help.
Thank you Kim :grinning:

It has been 10 months now. I am in need of an e-prescribe program. Is the complaint about IT support and CMO attentions related to newcrop? Has Weno taken off? There is a signup on the webpate that is two years old. Has the link to allscripts been fixed? Thanks for any answers.

Robert Rovner, MD

Weno has taken off. However, since there has been no official code release most people are holding off till that happens. However, there have been those brave souls that have jumped on the tip of the spear and enjoy using the Weno eRx.

A thing called violentmonkey instead of grease monkey works fine with the allscripts script. Allscripts now charges you $9 / month for basic service though.

Hey Cverk, How do you get that to work? i looked around but couldn’t get anywhere

Hi all, how do you get the list of pharmacies? i contacted weno support and they told me they dropped tat functionality cause there was no dependable source of data.

I am working on a modification to add pharmacy information. I will let you know as soon as I have the modification/patch available.

Great! Thanks Sherwin!

On Pharmacy setting, does it mater which “Default Method” is picked for the Weno transmission to work?

No it does not matter they are not connected to each other.

Got it. Thank you Sherwin

eRx Status:

I think it would help to have the wiki updated with new screenshots of AllScripts+Greasemonkey (or Violentmonkey - not sure which is best).

The AllScripts price, as @cverk noted, is $9/mo for basic, $33/mo for EPCS.

Is there a place to obtain the script needed (that is a secure/safe download)?

I see some people use MD Toolbox for eRx outside of OpenEMR - is there any reason why a Greasemonkey script and/or iFrame could not be developed to incorporate it into the emr?

I also think there is a growing excitement around Weno - I am excited to see how they continue to develop as a competitor to SureScripts.

Anyone experiencing good success with using Weno for their eRx?