Labs integration with OpenEMR?

Hi Folks-
How are people handling laboratory integration with their OpenEMR these days?

I know that at one time Williams Med Tech offered support with Quest, but last I heard that ended a year or so ago.

Is OpenEMR now without support for commercial labs?

Thanks- Harley

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There is a solution from Williams Technology as long as you don’t use a Docker implementation of OpenEMR. I want to say the cost of the interfaces is around $2000, and with a big lab vendor like Quest or LabCorp, they will pay for it if you use a lot of their services. I couldn’t use it because I use docker-based OpenEMR implementations (at least on AWS, which is what I was using when I was looking into these options).


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Hi @Ralf_Lukner -
Thanks for the tip, and the link.

I’m curious, when was it that you checked with WMT- was it over a year ago?
I followed the link you provided, and sent them a message re: their current support of OpenEMR. Will post back here if I hear anything from them.

So my followup question would still be, how are you meeting your lab needs without WMT’s services?

Best- Harley

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Ok, let me be the one to stand corrected: I got a prompt reply from Brenda at WMT:

“We are definitely still doing lab integration/lab interfaces for OpenEMR. We have multiple labs that we do interfaces for including Quest and LabCorp. Any OpenEMR practice is welcome to contact us regarding a lab interface OR they can contact their laboratory as the lab has to approve an interface before we can install the interface.”

If anybody’s interested in contacting them, they can follow Ralf’s link and click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the page.

But I’m still interested in what people are doing about their labs who have not signed up with WMT… :slight_smile:

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