Lab requisition update

Hi @juggernautsei
I am interested in modifying the lab requisition.

I would like to remove the URL which shows in the upper right
I would like to add my quest ID (currently my office name is what comes up). Where do I enter my quest ID in OpenEMR?
I would like to add my fax number also.
Also, I would love to add a signature that gets included automatically.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gutiersa,
removing the URL is a function of your browser. There is an option to remove the header when printing a page. I will look at the form and create a way to add your quest ID.


Hi @gutiersa,
I am reviewing the form and could you show me where or how you would like the quest ID number to show on the form?

Top right where it says client ID, it says my office name, but i would like it to be the ID

I circled in red where the client ID should be that is currently it is blank. Got it.

I found it. The client ID goes here. While I am in here. I thought I would do some bootstrapping.

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Oh, I see,
let me give it a try and I will report back

I was wrong. That is not where it goes. But I think it may serve a dual purpose.

Currently, the name of my office is what shows up there.
Honestly, I am not sure where that is coming from.

I believe it should go here, no?

Because what if the practice sends to multiple different labs?

Yes, that is where it goes. I tested it and that worked!
In my testing this was the side that showed on the form.

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Great, thanks. I will give that a try.
However, I think we have a couple of issues. Here is what I have:

I created a lab for Quest for patient Test Patient. This patient already had a radiology order.
The requisition keeps coming up for the radiology order, even though I have deleted the radiology order.
I want a req for the lab order, not the imaging order.
Also, this is what I have in the Lab provider screen:

But what gets printed in the req under “Client number” is the name of my practice.
I am going to do some more changes and post back.


Ok, I think I figured it out. My issue is that I have multiple lab services. I also have multiple imaging services.
The form selects the ID for the lab service that I created first, which is not Quest.
Also, the form uses the home phone number, not phonew1

My workaround is to add Quest ID to the first lab service (the in-house lab) for lack of time.

Also, I have to order labs first before imaging (in case a patient is getting both labs and imaging).

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