Lab: receiving hl7 results with base64 embedded PDF

res_20240124083601_00000.hl7 (95.8 KB)
Here is the test results only file. The lab company is Sonic Healthcare USA.
@sunsetsystems is there a way in the system to decode and parse this file already?

I have looked in the file and on line 1432, there is a reference to embedded PDF. It states that the ZEF segment is treated like an OBX with an embedded Base64-encoded PDF.

In the attached file, the OBX|3|ST|PDF^PDF is marked as an embedded PDF but the does not seem to process that entry. It seems the system is coded for the ZEF segment and not the OBX. Thinking out loud.

Maybe the OBX segment should be BX|3|ST|ORU^PDF. Maybe that will trigger the file decoding and storage segment, just guessing.

@juggernautsei I was trying with online tool and PHP code but it not getting loaded and below is the error display when we try to load pdf using above base64 code

Thanks @Nilesh_Hake , the other parties on the lab team contacted me to let me know the file was corrupt. So, there is nothing wrong with OpenEMR. The lab fumbled the results file. Thanks for testing the file. That gives me warm fuzzy.

Hi Sherwin how are these PDF being handled in OpenEMR when it came within an HL7 file? Save to a file folder or somewhere? thx…

If the system is set up for results only or bi-directional. The PDFs are attached to the message a base64 embedded document. The system parses the data and stores to document for viewing in the lab result report.