jQuery Form Builder

I have been searching for a replacement for the current form builders that are in the system.
The current LBF has a lot of technical debt surrounding it and so do a few other form builders that are in the system.

This form builder is very easy to get started. But it is a long way from being production-ready. In OpenEMR. But I can see the potential of taking the place of the LBF.

There is also an angular version of this

It works in all browsers, even IE 11.

I would like to get a team together to explore this feature build for the community. I think this would fit in very well with the modernization efforts.


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For what it’s worth I’m currently looking at Bootstrapping LBFs.

Isn’t jQuery being phased out of OpenEMR?

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@sunsetsystems, I heard that jQuery was being phased out. However, it still exists. I was working in another part of the program that has jQuery and was instructed to leave it. There are places in the program where jQuery has not been replaced.

It is good to know that you are pursuing the bootstrap of the LBF.
The drawback with LBF is the ability to make the form interface look nice.

The form builder also comes in NPM.

If anyone is interested, we came across a project that has been inactive but will be very useful for this project. We did spend some time to bring it to current standards but then other tasks got prioritized.

You could look at mdsupport2 branch for the basic approach.

Since the root classes take care of highly verbose class attributes required by bootstrap, the code is developer friendly and self documenting. It will also permit extending the classes e.g. patient select box can become a class that extends base select class.

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Thanks Sherwin. This sounds like a great opportunity, but I have to pass. Thank you for considering me!

I’d be interested in picking this up once ONC is finished!

When I am done with the telehealth module. I will be ready to explore this some more.

I was also under the assumption we were attempting to phase out jQuery as well. I’m staunchly opposed to adding any new jQuery to the project and think we should refactor the form building in place instead of going third-party for this particular feature.

Wow, Robert?!

Yes, we are going away from jQuery. I just can’t delete this !@#$%^ post.

I’m not sure why you can’t delete the topic - I can close it if you’d like.

Yes close this topic.
I don’t have that kind of privilege. If I had your skills but I don’t.