Issues Not Authorized

Where is the config to turn this feature on?
This is v7.0.1 (1). I am logged in as Administrator and have all permissions. No changes to the system have been made to affect permissions.
It is on an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Hi @juggernautsei
Truly strange. I see in the OpenEMR demo that the ‘Front Office’ and ‘Accounting’ ACL groups don’t have access to the issues list, and get that error msg when you try.
But I can’t offer any real help.
Good luck!
Best- HT

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Where is $ISSUE_TYPES populated? This is my issue. This list is null.

  • The data structure is the $ISSUE_TYPES array.

I too am having this exact issue. The issue is not just in 7.0.1(1) but remains in 7.0.2. If I find the missing ACL or piece of information, I will let you know.

This is a setting issue in the config, Go into the config and change this setting. Feature > Specific Application. Change this to none if it is set to anything else.