Is ZH Healthcare Patient Portal still supported?


(MedC) #1

Hi All,

I’m trying to implement a patient self-registration form to save some time during the check-in process at our clinic. I understand that this is a feature supported by ZH healthcare’s patient portal, but I’ve followed the instructions here:
And on their YouTube tutorial videos and I’m running into the following problem:

When I click the “portal activity” tab (where typically you see the sign up page to register your practice with ZH Healthcare), I’m redirected to

as can be seen below.

I sent an email to 2 and a half weeks ago but haven’t gotten a reply.
perhaps @zhhealthcare can help with this?

Alternatively, I may just build my own self-registration form. Can anyone advise on the code snippet required to create a new patient? I assume it’s done with an Sql Query? Perhaps to the patient_data?

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version v4.1.1 (14)

Thank you kindly!!

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @MedC, you could upgrade to 5.0.1 and setup patient portal two under Admin->Globals->Portal. It has self registration.

(MedC) #3

Oh! That’s good to know. My clinic’s been considering an upgrade for a while, guess it is time to execute. Thank you @stephenwaite

(Stephen Waite) #4

Kudos to @sjpadgett :dragon_face:, the creator of portal two