Is there any interest in a psychological / mental health report writing module?

I have no programming ability at all. But we have a google form to google template program for writing up assessment reports and providing good standard documentation. we are almost finished with the fist draft. using forms is super long-winded but as good as i could do. We will convert that into a small useable app at some point. In short, we have the data if it could be of use. I would like to see goog mental health assessments open to everyonbe and there are ways of doing it that do not require using the big companies’ psychometric measures much of the time too.

In just doing the demo of the program, i love it and think i would like to use it rather than Halaxy which is costly.

nice to meet you all


Yes, it would be of interest to someone out there in the world of clinics that use OpenEMR.
(this forum won’t let me just write yes)

Hi @Benpsyk Welcome to the community!
It’s been my experience as a Customer Support pro that mental health practices vary considerably in their approaches to running their practices, and one way this is reflected is in how they write their reports.

One might think that a MSE or a psychosocial history could be standardized but no. Different professionals see different data as essential, and also the requirements for reporting that data is just as idiosyncratic. Consequently, no simple standardized report writer has been created for OpenEMR.

You mention templates. OpenEMR does have them and they’re pretty flexible; they do not require any more programming skill than creating a mail merge template. Just click on the search icon at the top of any forum page

and look for ‘templates’.

Best- Harley

Thanks Harley, very true, much cultural bias must be taken into account to. I am happy to help if any clinical support or info is needed by your community.

kind regards