Is there a provision to add Patient Generated Health Data to patient records in OpenEMR?

Hello all, we are working on a project to update CDSS rules for ADHD pateints. As our research reveals that ADHD patients on stimulants carry high risk for cardiovascular complications like increase in BP and heart rate leading to sudden cardiac arrest or heart failure. It is very critical for these patients to update their vitals on regualr basis. If these patients are given wearables and their data on vitals could be linked to their patient records in OpenEMR and get updated frequently, it would help clinicians to identify and intervene at earliest to avoid complications in their ADHD patients on stimulants. Is OpenEMR community working currently on linking Wearables or remote monitoring devices to patient records? Similarly this solution would be useful to address many issues in chronic diseases.



Hi @Abhi_1987
A good way to find that out is to search on the relevant terms as pictured below. The search can be of all posts to the forum, so you can see everything anybody has ever asked on the topic.
I searched on ‘wearables’ and got 7 returns; this ‘remote monitor’ search has 17.
Good luck; sounds like your project could be v worthwhile!
Best- Harley

Thanks @htuck … for prompt response.Will update if I have any further doubts.

@Abhi_1987 you’re v welcome!
Best- HT