Is there a HIPAA compliant video chat available with OpenEMR?

(visolve) #1

Is there a HIPAA compliance video chat available with OpenEMR?

(John Macken) #2

I would be interested in learning more about this too

(Jerry P) #3

I’m currently looking at maybe bringing in Ring Central API. I have also written a test version of video chat for Portal but did not complete. Maybe soon.

(visolve) #4

@Jerry -
We were using Ring for other applications and are extremely impressed with the video quality. Currently, evaluating Zoom and was not sure has anyone already integrated any video solution with OpenEMR and like to get their views.

(Jerry P) #5

I was developing mine using Angular and setting up streaming endpoints. At time I didn’t want to force SSL on user so I set aside. Plus with portal I can keep streaming local much like secure chat. Certainly an interesting project and would be great boon to OpenEMR.

(visolve) #6

We have developed a FHIR Enabled Patient Portal which also supports OpenEMR and soon we are planning to release Video conf functionality with the Patient Portal app. This is developed in Angular 5.0.

(Matthew Vita) #7

Great choice of technology!


(Daniel Sandoval) #8

I have experience with webRTC and would happy to help with this work. Based on features I’ve seen in paid offerings (like Twilio, Ringcentral, OpenTok), I’d recommend investigating open source solutions like: GitHub - onsip/SIP.js: A simple, intuitive, and powerful JavaScript signaling library

Alternatively, rolling your own webRTC interface may be a good idea: GitHub - webrtc/samples: WebRTC Web demos and samples - especially if you want to host a STUN/TURN server on your own, HIPAA-complaint premises.

(Sameh ) #9

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(Adil Manzoor) #10

Pretty cool! I will be following your thread. Please keep us up-to-date!