Is it possible to rebrand OpenEMR?

We are looking to rebrand the OpenEMR as per our brand guidelines such as putting custom logos & icons, custom fonts, custom styles, etc. (all adhering GNU GPL license guidelines).

Will it be possible & feasible?

If yes, what points we need to look for while doing so.

@openemr-dev yes you can modified the openemr

Hello @openemr-dev - welcome to the OpenEMR community.
Yes, rebranding is fairly common, and plenty OK to do as long as it complies w/ the GPL restrictions per that posted resource.

OpenEMR has several UI customizations that are within the reach of non-developers, particularly in the global configs at (from the main menu) Admin/ Config; the Appearance and Branding tabs. Several other interface mods are found in other tabs lower on that side of the page.
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The OpenEMR wiki has limited information on the specific topic of rebranding but you can look here for a search on ‘logo’ which returns some specifics applicable to rebranding:

Here’s a search on the forum which has some useful perspective and information:

Good luck with your project- HT

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