iPad screen visibility problem

I’m having a different version (?) of a problem previously described by others. Namely, in at least some variants of version 5.0.X I (and others) had a problem wherein only the top 15% or so of the window (specifically the calendar) would show on the iPad. In my case I was generally able to resolve the issue simply by tipping the iPad on its side and using it in landscape mode. A limited search of the forms seemed to indicate that the problem should resolve after I upgraded to version 6.0.0. Generally, this has been the case. The calendar now works but what I refer to as “second level pop-ups” (make/edit appointment, prescriptions, etc.) now suffer the problem. Specifically, to my limited testing it appears that anything that requires OpenEMR to spawn a pop-up window will create such a window limited by displaying only the top 15 or so % of its data. One can scroll through the window and everything seems appropriately functional - it’s just that it’s very hard to see through the small “slot” of visibility. I’ve tried to try some of the solutions previously offered in the forums but most are limited by the disappearance of certain global and user settings between 5.0.2(x) and 6.0.0(1). Any ideas or suggestions? If I could find one pop-up that worked I could probably figure out why it worked and then use that information to coerce the others to work.

OpenEMR Version
6.0.0 Patch 1

Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Operating System
Server running Ubuntu 20.04.2
Clients running Windows, Mac (both work) and iPad OS 14 (doesn’t work correctly)