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iPad now awful after upgrade from 5.0.1(6) to 5.0.2(4)

@tywrenn @robert.down @visolve-051 CSS is not my strong suit. This is a major crisis for those using iPads. This was brought to my attention today. I was hoping there was a quick fix for this issue.

This after upgrade

This is before upgrade

@juggernautsei There is no fix for this until 6.0 unfortunately. The reason 5.0.2 is bad is because of old themes and styling. This is being fixed in 6.0.

@tywrenn is there something that can be done for 5.0.2 users now. This practice just upgraded and this is causing an issue with seeing patients now. No telling when 6.0 will be released. And we can’t go backwards. Is there anything that can be done to adjust the current version in a patch?

Next day:
I will get in there and see what I can do to widen the calendar screen for 5.0.2 users.

Its more than just the calendar screen, so far its in Administration->Globals.

Try doing the other layout, it seems to work fine.

I changed the setting to Frames and lowered the frame menu width to 100.
That works on my iPad Pro.
I tried three other themes and they were all the same. None of them corrected the display.


OK. Try this setting and tell me how it works!!

Here is a screenshot of the calendar working with the iPad. This works in both Full and Compact.

This would be much easier on you guys if you go ahead and mod the calendar. Perhaps give a fixed width to the columns and force an x scroll.

This goes far beyond just the calendar, its for all views when using tabs.

If you don’t use the exact “Vertical Menu Style” I specified above, the screen is cut about 75% when using tabs. Tabs is important because providers like to have several forms open at the same time. The fix does not require any programming fix, this can be done from Admin->Globals.

Maybe we should remove all the other iPad choices to prevent users from having issues.

@growlingflea These setting only work on the horizontal and not vertical for my tablet. But it does show full calendar horizontally.

@sjpadgett @tywrenn said that this is already fixed in 6 so we are just trying to get by until 6 is released next year or something like that. No need duplicating someone else work on code that will only be around a year or so IMO.

I crawled in there once to monkey around with the CSS and found out there was an 400 lbs gorilla in there. I left real quick.


I’m using Software Version 13.6.1 and using the iPad 7th generation. Both seem to work for me and I’ve been testing both vertical and horizontal. The menu items are a little squished when I go to vertical, but that seems normal from 501 too, some of which are due to custom fields I worked on.

Can you provide a screenshot so I can see what you are talking about?

@growlingflea Here is the same screen both horizontally and vertically. iPad ios 13.6.1 6th generation is what I am using.

Can you show me the Admin settings?

Switching to Frames for now has solved the issue. As long as she holds the table horizontally, she can work/trabajo.

Use the setting I posted the screenshot above, the “iPhone 6/7/8 Plus”. You are using a different setting, this is why its not working.

Thanks, @growlingflea.
The doctor is using the old-style frames for now and it is working well for her.