Inventory not showing up in prescription

(Anton) #1

I created a couple of test inventory items with Warehouse=On Site, QOH=1 each. When I am trying to prescribe them to my test patient, they do not show up. I try both the “in-house” pull-down and the search field, they do not show up. I tried it some months ago and know it was working, put now we are population the inventory actually and I cannot getting it to work anymore. Is there a setting I miss, or did something break (when I played with different settings or while installing a patch)?

Here the screens:

(Anton) #2

I still have not found a solution to this problem, anyone who has an idea what I do wrong or is the problem?

(ViSolve) #3

We would like to share some views based on our understanding.

  1. click here to search will searches a drug from an third party site. The main text field will search through the drug table.

  2. The default values will be in displayed in prescription screen, based on the values in the template field specified while drug creation.

Let us know if there are any clarifications.


(Anton) #4

Thanks for your answer!
I think what you show is exactly what I tried, there was just no drop-down list appearing when typing in the field “Drug”. Maybe it was just do to the slow response of the system, I am accessing it remotely (via ZeroTier, the server is a Raspberry Pi in Peru, I am in Canada, with a sometimes not optimal internet connection in between these two). When retrying, I am getting the list in your first screenshot.

What I still not get:

  • any list (beside the empty default) when using the “in-house” dropdown
  • any results when using the search field (your last screenshot, and in mine as well)

When I select the item using the “Drug” field, with a quantity of 1 and then clicking “Save and Dispense”, I get an error message “Internal error, no drug ID specified!” In the inventory, I gave the test item the “Drug Code” 001, but am not sure if this is the field which this error is asking for…