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Hi, I have realised that the inventory menu automatically takes you to drug inventory but I want to add items that are not drugs to the list. ie: syringes. I see consumable and non-consumable but this doesn’t really do it for me as items like syringes don’t fall under that category of drugs.

So I need a second category which does not fall under drugs.

Thank you

Hello @smuglar
The first thing to check would be if you have set the Inventory module so it manages both drug and non- drug products. That should alter the display to allow non- drug items.
In the system globals setting, under features:
Screenshot at 2024-05-16 10-08-24

However, it may be useful refer to this wiki article for general information on configuring the Inventory module:

but this page specifically describes non- pharmaceutical products:

Come on back here if you have questions about this.
Best- HT

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Thank you, I’m setting it up for a clinic and to the Doctor he sees consumables and non-consumables but he wants a 3rd category for instruments… Such things as needles… I just forgot what he calls them but somehow to him non-consumables is too broad as it may have you thinking it entails drugs such as Anastasia and paracetamol which belong to the the 2 groups mentioned.

Hello @smuglar
Go you think that what your Dr wants might be managed by establishing a separate warehouse for them?

You can add the needles to a needle warehouse in the second inventory panel where the lots are entered,
Using OpenEMR Inventory-Dispensary Module for Non- Pharmaceutical Products - OpenEMR Project Wiki.Next.28or_resumed.29_panel

Hope that is useful.
Good luck- Harley