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Internal messages

I have a few questions about internal messages in OpenEMR. These are not messages that would go to a patient, but rather a message from one user to another user in OpenEMR.

I am using v502(4) running locally on a Windows 10 machine.

  1. Do all internal messages require a patient name to be attached? I would like to send a message to another user that is not regarding a specific patient. Can I create a message and some how leave the Patient field blank?

  2. My inbox still says I have a message even though I have opened it and read it. Do I need to manually change the status to Read to decrease the number by 1 near the envelope icon?

  3. If I want to send a message to several other users, but decide to remove some recipients before I send it, do I have to “Clear” all and re-input the smaller group of recipients? I would prefer to just remove the ones I don’t want included, but not sure if that is possible.

Thanks for your help.


1.Question 1-The workflow of message is Patient name will be in To address and provider list will be in Recipient box.To modify the patient list there is need of some code customisation.

2.Question 3- Need to click clear button to remove all the recipients and need to re-input the recipient names needed.There is no option available to remove individual recipients.To achieve this there is need of some code customisation.

Hope this may help you.


OpenEMR also has an inter-office messaging system strictly for communications between staff, that does not involve patient names or records. Per the demo system image below, the messages MAY refer to patient concerns but does not need to; it is not part of any PII- bearing official documentation.

It’s found under the ‘Messages’ item on the Main Menu. Documentation for an older version (OpenEMR 4.2.2) can be found in the OpenEMR wiki at:’s_Dated_Reminder
Unfortunately the newer features have not been added to the document but if you play with it some you should be able to figure it out.
Good luck- Harley

Got it. Basically a dated reminder sent for today’s date. Thanks.