Integration API documentation

Hi everybody!

I’m building a mobile app that needs to integrate with the openEMR platform. I have been searching for any documentation for integration mechanism in the web portal, but I havent found anything.

These are the site I’ve checked:

I don’t know if I’m searching in wrong place, or definitely that documentation does not exist.

If that documentation exists, could you help me with the link of the doc?

Thanks in advance.

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What kind of integration are you looking to achieve? Can I ask what kind of information flow you want between your app and OpenEMR?

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Thanks for answer me.

I need to integrate two mobile apps with the following functions:

  • Registration and query for patients (patient app).
  • Management of shcedules for physicians (patient and physician apps).
  • Pharmacy selection for receive prescriptions (patient app).
  • Query and update the clinical history for a patient (patien and physician apps).
  • Registration and query for physicians (patient and physician apps).
  • Refer medical tests (physician app).
  • Refer prescriptions (physician app).
    These items are the main functions i’ve identified for define the initial product.

I hope the integration be through some REST web service.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @Luis_Revelo

I think what you looking for is our REST API documentation which is here or if your app wants to use FHIR standard API (not recommended as in development) then you can look this.

Also to mention if you wanna checkout our all new flutter app which is also in development and utilizing our Standard APIs GitHub - openemr/app-flutter-openemr: app-flutter-openemr (Just in case you want to take some inpirations)


Wow! Magnificent job. This documentation are really so usefull.

I apreciate your time to attend my case.

btw, I’m building an app for tele-health.

Thank you so much and have a nice day.


I am trying to configure openemr for REST API data export, but I do not know how to fill these fields in the Admin/Globals/Connectors screen:

Gateway Publishable Key
Gateway API Login Auth Name or Secret
Gateway Transaction Key

Where can I find information on how to proceed? Thanks!

Please open a new thread as this thread’s question has already been answered.

Hi @adunsulag ,

I agree with you that new thread should be open.

@sergiors, I am also keen to know the outcome of the your post. Please create a new one and then post a link in this one and close. Appreciate it.