Insurance Undistributed funds error

We have run into a situation and I am not sure where to look.
Image one shows the amount of the check. The second image shows the funds being distributed. The problem is in image one where there is a remaining undistributed balance of 290.73. The currency is CI$. I checked the globals. I know this is difficult without seeing the entire list of payments. Any clues where to begin to unravel this mystery would be appreciated. This is in 5.0.3.

Hi @juggernautsei, is this an era payment that is being edited? thank you

I think it is only in edit mode to show the situation after the posting was done.

hi @juggernautsei, after looking more closely it looks like this was manually posted, could the provider look into era for this payer?

I will ask and get back to you. But a little background is that this is a multi-doctor practice in the Cayman.