Insurance Class Numbers Type: Blue Shield Blue Cross Taxonomy

Hi all!
For all those OpenEMR users struggling with entering the taxonomy numbers for the Blues, we need to add a “ZZ Mutually Defined/Taxonomy” entry from the dropdowns for “Provider Number (Type)” and “Rendering Provider Number (Type)” so the CMS-1500 is populated correctly (and… I suppose the X12 270/835 files as well.)
Well. I did it myself and have the screenshot to prove it.

And, I have the replacement file for “…/openemr/library/classes/InsuranceNumbers.php”
InsuranceNumbers.class.php-sarnov (5.2 KB)

I don’t know if this messes anything else up… but I hope it doesn’t!

If you don’t want to replace the .php file, you can edit the ID type with phpmyadmin in the InsuranceNumbers table.

Dr. Sarnov

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I did not see this updated in 6.1, so can it be added to the master?
Thank you!

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started an issue for it, thanks @Mark_Sarnov

I’ll update the file on my opener fork this weekend for a pull request.i need to get my local GitHub Repo sync set up.

FYI: my fork has the updated file. Pull when you want! :smiley:
I think I know what I’m doing to help contribute!

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