Installing, securing, remotely accessing, and backing up/restoring OpenEMR from start to finish -- for dummies

(Venu Julapalli) #1

Hello All,

I’m an OpenEMR newbie and have succeeded in the above tasks. I wrote up a tutorial that you can find on the wiki here:

If you’re starting from scratch like me, I hope this will serve as a one-stop-shop for you and greatly accelerate your learning curve.

Venu Julapalli, M.D.

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @vrjula ,

Awesome work and thanks for this contribution!


(Laurie Hamilton) #3

This is a great tutorial Venu! I’m currently in VirtualBox at a command prompt of


Like you, I also downloaded the Appliance, as stated on the Wiki, so maybe that’s the problem, but I’ll need to recuperate before trying to go further. Maybe its time for that Linux class.



Awesome write up. I’m thinking of switching to Linux also. For some reasons with Windows and XAMPP, there always problem. The most recent one now is the soap note of one patient goes into another patient’s file.

I’ve been trying Linux Mint Mate and it wasn’t hard to learn because it looks like Windows. They said Mint Cinnamon is more RAM heavy so I’m using Mint Mate. Never tried Ubuntu before.
My setup will just have 1 computer as the main computer and use other computer in the office to get data from the main computer. The main computer will only be used for holding data so it doesn’t need fancy GUI.

Any recommendation on Ubuntu server or Linux Mint equivalent? Most current Ubuntu is 18.04.

(Stephen Waite) #5

hi @cornutaurus, interested in your comment about the soap note going into another patient’s file, openEMR should not allow this to take place even on windows :slight_smile:, have you looked in the logs to find clues? thank you

(Venu Julapalli) #6

I should mention that since I wrote up that tutorial, I decided to dual boot install Linux on my server computer and drop the VM. By then I felt comfortable running directly off the Linux install (using Ubuntu 16.04).


(Brady Miller) #7

hi @cornutaurus , I am also with @stephenwaite on the soap bug(it is always concerning to hear if things are not going with the correct patient). In addition to logs, what version of OpenEMR are you using? Also, when you reply to us, create another thread for this topic.

(Brady Miller) #8

We are working on a web page that discusses costs and support options for OpenEMR(ie. ranges from free to needing professional support). And we plan to use this tutorial as an example for a do it yourself complete installation/configuration.

(R Magauran) #9

This is an excellent tutorial! Thank you.
When installing a new instance on a linux box, I always find I have to reconfigure the permissions for the directories. Is this a linux specific issue or can these permissions be pre-configured to smooth out the installation process?

(Venu Julapalli) #10

You’re welcome…which directories are you referring to? I don’t recall needing to reconfigure permissions for the initial install of OpenEMR, but I did have to reconfigure permissions and add users to groups when I later set up a Samba shared folder (to share with my Windows-based computers in the office) and Hylafax (to fax within OpenEMR). Linux seems to be very permissions-heavy.