Installing Openemr on Ubuntu 16.04

(Scott Berry) #1

Hello there,

My name is Scott and I am a health care advocate wanting to use openemr. However, I don’t need the Linux version with all the lamp things involved as I use Webuzo which sets pretty much everything up for me. I was wondering why when I install Openemr I get the following error: I have chmoded openemr-5.0.1.tar.gz to “chmod 0755.” I thought this might help with execution.

The steps I have taken to install are as follows:

  1. I downloaded the openemr 5.0.1 tar ball.

  2. I tried extracting with this command: “tar -pxvzf openemr.tar.gz.” I did an mv command to make “openemr-5.0.1.tar.gz” easier by just using: “openemr.tar.gz.”

  3. As I did this here is the screen shot I have:

  4. I am totally blind and there may also be some accessibility issues that Openemr may need to deal with on a development level.

Any help is much appreciated and thank you for this product.

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @BERRYSAD, can you check that the download completed successfully? You’ll have to md5sum openemr.tar.gz and hopefully find this result 34c177481675fdf5262185c523e895e3