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Installed cloud express plus on aws but open emr cant connect to open-emr with browser

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OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.2 The template found at
openemr-devops/packages/express_plus at master · openemr/openemr-devops · GitHub (N. Virginia)

I’m using: internet explorer and also chrome

Operating System
I’m using: my computer is a windows 10 machine but AWS is ubuntu 16.04

Did you check the logs? No logs. I typed in the cmd prompt: apache2, once I connected (ssh) to my instance and it stated apache2 was not installed. I don’t understand I thought LAMP is what openEmr is built on. I think there is no server in aws instance. It may be the reason for me not being able to connect to openemr with the public web address.

Please give me some guidance on this matter.

hi @jackel7, apache2 lives inside the openemr docker

  1. ssh into your host
  2. sudo bash
  3. docker ps

you may need to restart the openemr docker
docker restart <openemr container id>

Hello Stephen

I did as you stated but 3. docker ps returned “docker is not currently installed”

Hello @jackel7

Verify that you have installed OpenEMR Express Edition in AWS
Login to the system using the command in below format

***ssh -i "pemkey" user@PUBLIC_DNS***

Now as a root user enter the command docker ps (This will list the containers with container id)
Restart the OpenEMR Container using the command docker restart containerid

After following the above steps in aws express edition i hope it will help you in connecting openemr with browser.

Let us know if there any clarification.