Installation of OpenEMR on Synology +1515 NAS

Anybody have real step by step instructions for someone who is not a networking person to set up Open EMR on a Synology NAS. The instructions I have seen on the forums for an older Synology NAS make assumptions and do not explain HOW to actually do something for the complete novice.

I have been working on this for weeks and just cannot get it to work properly to get past the setup/installation phase.

You are trying to install OpenEMR on a Linux (or Windows) server and have your data (documents) saved on NAS … is it true?

Moderator, go ahead and delete this whole post.

I was able to finally figure it out. I will have to make a step by step outline and post this for anyone else installing OpenEMR on a Synology NAS in the future. It is not as hard as the “Synology DS 214+” instructions I have seen on the forum.

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We prefer to keep the history but thanks for looking out.
I will mark this post as you resolved yourself and it would be a great service to others if you find the time to post your solution as you mentioned.

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I’m looking to install OpenEMR on Synology NAS DS920+, how can I do that? or where to start?

@Garth_Muir Did you manage to write your guide?
Thanks in advance

Anybody with a solution installing on a Synology NAS. I have similar problems mentiones here: