Installation Assistance

Good day, after I downloaded the file I do not understand what to do in step number 2. Can someone please assist? I’m using windows.

2. Extract the downloaded OpenEMR archive (ensure the zip file has been unblocked after downloading), change the name of the directory openemr-6.1.0 to just openemr, and then move this directory to your webserver root directory. Refer to your webserver documentation to obtain your webserver root directory. For example, if your using XAMPP, then the webserver root directory is in the \xampp\htdocs directory.

Hi, did you install XAMPP for windows? After installing XAMPP, you will find the c:\xampp\htdocs directory. You extract the file to this directory, and then rename it to openemr.

You can download xampp using the above url.

Then follow the installation instructions.