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Install OpenEMR on Windows 10

I was able to download XAMPP .
I then downloaded OpenEMR from the website and saved it under the hpdocs file in XAMPP.
Now I am at this step described on the website to open web-browser and point it to the following web address http://localhost/openemr
The web-address is not working.
Is this something that is found within the openemr that I downloaded ?
I appreciate your help. I hope to get this up and running soon.


Hi Lonnie,
Is your domain localhost or do you have an ‘a’ record pointing to a named server?
ie: www.yourdomain.???/openemr or don’t use openemr if you alias into openemr directory.

I am not an IT person by any means. So I am trying to understand to new language.

All I did so far was save the openemr software to the XAMPP application as openemr

I did not replace the domain name. I was searching for the website in google chrome. Should I bee looking for it somewhere else?

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Should be htdocs or is a mistype.

Dis you follow install guide? or

I found the problem!!! I saved it has openEMR-5.0.2 I thought I changed that part but I guess it did not save!

I was also able to add a password to my xampp configuration !

Thank you so much !!

Now on to the next steps. Wish me luck!!


Is the MySQL root password something that I have to make-up myself or do I need to find that somewhere ? If so, where is this information.

Thank you

I think this means the root password that I just created !

If a new install of xampp then you’ll want to change. Otherwise you may want to know what it is set to.

oh also a web search can be your friend.:slight_smile:

Yes I have watch a youtube video to get me through the password section. Between this forum and google I am determined to get this figured out !

Thank you !

Good on you. It can be fun and a nice break from daily chores to learn new things.

I am configuring the PHP settings and the language is different in my file.
For example
I search for Max_input_Vars…and it does come back no matches found.

Unsure what you’re using for editor however, don’t do case searches or ya may have to scroll through.

I found them!
I was having issues findings the apache conf file. It was not in the link provided.
I found the file a different way, but how do I know that these directories are now secure ?

Ok I am almost at the final step. After I setup the program, will I be able to add a user? I will be working with one other person who will need access.

Yep and more like facilities, codes and etc.

Ok I have finally got to the end!! It states that I am setup but when I click the link at the bottom it redirects me to a blank page. Is there something wrong with my firewall maybe??

I doubt it after all you were able to run setup. Did you rename your openemr directory from openemr-502 to openemr?

I did not change it. I just used the 5.0.2 throughout the setup.
What would the link actually look like?

Use whatever you used to run setup from browser. https://localhost/openemr/interface/login/login.php is the normal but if you didn’t change the directory name after unzip of openemr then it is openemr-5.0.2 I believe.

Hi Lonnie, you might have better luck deploying OpenEMR on windows 10 using docker.

If you want to use xampp and don’t mind being behind by a few versions you can try downloading this zip file and extracting it in your C drive. It comes with xampp and OpenEMR pre-installed for you.