Inpatient Drug Course Chart/ Inpatient Drug administration Chart

Hello there.

I am need of an Inpatient drug course chart for my OpenEMR version 5.0.1 installation.

Something that will keep records of all drugs/medications prescribed once the patient has checked in/ is admitted for Inpatient care.
Possibly to have this Drug course chart populate itself will all the prescribed medications and have some fields for nurses to interact with as they administer medications. Fields like DATE OF DRUG ADMINISTRATION, TIME .

Many Thanks

Hello @Mercy_Udele -
Welcome back to the forum.
The report you want is very much a function of an inpatient EMR, and OpenEMR is designed for outpatient services.

I do not have access to an instance of OpenEMR v5 to refer to, but I do know that it is equipped with a prescription inventory/ dispensary module which can be activated and used to give medications. A record of those med administrations is available from the main menu, in ‘Reports/ Client/ Rx’- at least that’s where it is in OpenEMR v6.0; your menu may vary.

Also, the Pharmacy/ Dispensary nodule does have some reporting capabilities that might suit.
If you want to activate your Pharmacy/ dispensary module this would be the place to start:

Some electronic prescription services are available for use in the US, which may be used to generate reports similar to the ones you’re looking for. But they are paid subscriptions, not part of OpenEMR’s native code base. My company is a vendor for those and you’re welcome to DM me if you’re interested in them.

Good luck with your project.

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Thank you so much.
I must admit I have been learning a lot from your tutorial videos on YouTube, much appreciated.
I have activated the dispensary and manually added about a thousand medications/drugs available at our local in-house pharmacy.
I have created some Layout based Visit forms tailored to our hospital needs, and we do have in-patients also. I am also in West Africa so the EMR is a locally installed standalone kind with no electronic link to the Health Insurance companies and HMOs.

I have uploaded a draft design of what I am looking for here (may be a poor design though.

A subscription service will not be sustainable for us but thanks anyway.

Basically what i need this chart to show is

  1. What medications were prescribed.
  2. When medication was started.
  3. When medication was stopped.
  4. What time and date each medication was served, displayed weekly or continuously as long as the medications are still being served (this may be in form of a report sheet/trend ).

We don’t use e-prescription, we prescribe from our inventory in the in-house pharmacy/dispensary.
Any assistance or ideas would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks.

@Mercy_Udele , are you a developer?

How are you collecting the data? Are you using the core openemr prescription module for this purpose?

Do you have an inpatient module that is storing the prescription information/details?

  1. No I am not a developer ( I am a Clinician), but I have a team member who is a developer and has made a bit of modifications where needed.

  2. Yes, I am using the core openemr prescription module for this purpose.

Screenshot below shows like a patient the default OpenEmr patient summary page.

The next one shows some products in our in-house pharmacy, manually entered.

This one shows the medication list displayed by the default openemr prescription module,

This one shows details of a prescription made from in-house product/medication in stock.

This one shows details of a prescription made when the medication is not stocked in in-house pharmacy.

  1. The Inpatient module I have doesn’t store prescription information/details. It only manages bed occupancy etc. That’s the way I want it anyway.

I hope this answers your questions.